Phileas Foggs Adventure Brighton

Welcome to Phileas Fogg’s World of Adventure! This is where the fantastical world of the Phileas Fogg comes to life in Brighton. Take on a series of puzzles and challenges as you move through the rooms of this incredible indoor adventure which really will see you going around the world in those 80 days!

Author Jules Verne created Phileas Fogg as an eccentric explorer and adventurer in the Victorian era. After reading a newspaper article that claims travelling all the way around the world is possible in 80 days Phileas bets his life savings that he can do it. Only problem is Scotland Yard thinks he might be implicated in a Bank of England heist so Detective Fix is dispatched to follow Fogg on his adventure.

You’ll be joining Fogg as he explores the world with Fix hot on his heels. The spectacular interactive adventure starts at the train station and as you move through the sets you’ll be faced with physical skill and mental tasks. Solve them and you’ll be rewarded with artefacts all with the aim of impressing Her Royal Highness Queen Victoria.

We won’t disclose exactly what you’ll be doing during your voyage of discovery but you’ll be marvelling at Egyptian tombs negotiating the jungle passing through jail and even heading straight for a vortex. What on earth was Phileas Fogg thinking when he took off on his adventure?

This fanciful world has been created by some very talented set designers who also worked on the likes of the Harry Potter James Bond and Star Wars film sets. The attention to detail is remarkable and really brings the out the magic. You’ll meet lots of larger than life characters on your journey many of whom are not adverse to a good bit of comedy banter and ad-lib humour. It really is a lot of fun.

Our Phileas Fogg World of Adventure vouchers are valid for the adult or the family journey. Those with children aged between three and 14 will love the family route where kids get to leap about play and solve the easier puzzles. For those 15 or over the adult voyage is filled with Phileas’s trickiest challenges that will really get your brain going.

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Phileas Foggs Adventure Brighton
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