Pitts Special Aerobatics Gloucestershire

Prepare yourself for the punchiest aerobatics with these Pitts Special flights in Gloucestershire! Flying out of Gloucestershire (Staverton) Airport you’ll be treated to some of the wildest aerobatics manoeuvres in one of the most agile planes ever.

Small and often brightly painted the powerful little Pitts Special has always been an air show favourite. Capable of incredible moves in the air these agile little biplanes look like they’re great fun to fly. Now you’re about to find out if that’s true when you go flying in a lovely Pitts Special.

This classic Pitts Special S2a was built in 1977. Imported into the UK in 2001 the plane undertook a full restoration to then go ripping through the skies of Britain entertaining aviation fans with aerobatics displays and shows. She was even part of the Breitling Angels display team which explains the eye-catching livery as each of the four Pitts in the formation sported a bright colour.

Sitting at Staverton Airport this Pitts Special is certainly eye-catching. Close up she’s perhaps smaller than you had imagined but there’s an instant sportiness and sturdiness about the Pitts. It’s an aerobatic icon that’s for sure – right down to those distinctive wheel covers the Americans call wheel pants!

Once briefed on the flight and aircraft controls strapped in to the front cockpit and ready it’s time to taxi for take off. With that 200hp Lycoming engine you’ll quickly be in the air and you’ll soon be looking down on the snaking lines of traffic on the M5. What happens next is where the magic begins…

As soon as you’ve reached the correct altitude your expert aerobatics pilot instructor will show you the moves. This is what the Pitts is all about. This plane does what you tell it to immediately. Certified to +6 and -3G you can push the Pitts to the limits yet still feel totally in control. And you’ll get a feel of that when you are handed the controls to fly yourself!  

And one more thing these Pitts Special flights from Staverton boast superb views over Gloucestershire. You’ve got the Malverns the Severn Estuary and the Cotswolds – and they’re all the better when viewed during inverted flight!

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