Pitts Special in Berkshire

Go full-throttle with a Pitts Special aerobatics flight in Berkshire experiencing the best in aerial agility as you fly! Climb into the cockpit of what many say is the best aerobatics plane of all time and feel the thrill of performing some truly amazing airborne stunts for yourself!

The Pitts Special is one of the most famous aerobatics biplanes in history and has long been a favourite of world champions. This lovely aircraft never ceases to be a crowd-pleaser at airshows worldwide. On this experience you’ll be flown by an aerobatics specialist with experience in aerobatics competitions and displays in the UK and beyond.

We are offering a choice of either a 20 or 30-minute flight in this brilliant little plane and both experiences start on the ground with a safety briefing. Then it’s into the open cockpit for takeoff and into the skies you soar ready to perform some of the major manoeuvres that make aerobatics in the Pitts Special so loved.

If you’re up for it your skilled pilot leader will give it their all showing you just what the Pitts is capable of; from loop-the-loops to stall turns wingovers and Cuban Eights. If you’re feeling adventurous you can even take over the controls and have a go at performing one of these astounding aeronautical stunts yourself!

Throughout your time in the air you’ll be given a full commentary to explain all the technical aspects of each manoeuvre as well as demonstrating some of the main features and abilities of the aircraft itself. The Pitts Special boasts awesome aerobatics capabilities and its amazing power to weight ratio and ability to pull face-changing G forces will give you the most exciting ride of your life.

If it’s stunt flying you crave our Pitts Special aerobatics experience taking off from this Maidenhead airfield is a sky-bound journey not to be missed. Will you or someone special become the next aerobatic ace?

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