Police Pursuit Driving Experience

It’ll be blues and twos all the way on this Police Chase experience! Having committed an aggravated robbery and vehicle hijacking you’re the getaway driver. With the cops on your tail you’ll have to use your speed precision and skill to out-drive them. This is a live moving escape game and it’s all going down at Bovingdon Airfield!

In your briefcase is your contraband. Pop the loot in the boot and get a wriggle on. As any self-respecting baddie will tell you you need the right car to make your escape which is why we’re giving you the pocket rocket that is the MX-5. It’s rear wheel drive loves getting sideways and is pretty quick off the mark too. If the Mazda isn’t quite fast or salubrious enough to be your hot ride you can pay a little supplement to the mob and get your mitts on a Porsche Boxster.

So there you are with the hot property in the boot and your accomplice in the passenger seat to coach you on breaking away from the law enforcers. You’ll have to be pretty on it though as the Sheriff has got his Dodge Charger Pursuit out. Yes it’s a hefty beast of a car but that 5.7l Hemi V8 engine makes that cop car shift.

Luckily you’re one step ahead of the law as you’ve hacked their radio channel so you can hear everything the Police are saying. You might have the wail of the sirens behind you but you’re not going to give up. As you grapple for grip in the corners trying not to overcook it you hear a shout on the comms to deploy the stingers on the next corner. You’ve got the head’s up. A nifty swerve and you’ve deftly missed those tyre puncturing spike traps.

Will you escape to freedom or will you succumb to the Police? Once the cops in the Charger are in spitting distance the searchlight will come on and you’ll be totally vulnerable. Trying to concentrate and drive as the cops are right on your tail is getting increasingly difficult until finally you hit the stinger and bang go your tyres. Punctured. For real. Vehicle immobilised and the games up.

If you make it and you succeed in absconding your mug shot will appear up in the cop shop on the ‘Most Wanted’ board – a befitting end to your Police Chase experience where you managed to avoid getting cuffed and stuffed!

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