Poole Harbour Powerboat Trips

All aboard for exclusively chartered Poole harbour boat trips! Cruises in a modern RIB powerboat set off from a chic marina within Poole harbour. It’s just you and up to five fellow ship mates onboard with the skipper at the helm. Sit back and relax you’ve got nothing more strenuous to do than admire the Jurassic coastline views!

Having said that seeing as these trips are operated by a powerboat it means that you can choose the pace so your trip can be tailored be it for families with young children or groups of more adventurous adults. You can go for a leisurely cruise checking out the stunning coast and marine wildlife. Or you can ramp up the thrill factor by getting your skipper to head out of Poole harbour into open waters to then open up the RIB’s throttle and go for a blast on these incredibly manoeuvrable boats.

As we mentioned these one-hour cruises out of Poole harbour are private charters. The RIB comfortably seats up to six passengers in total. You and your crew will be kitted out with the necessary safety gear namely a buoyancy aid and you’ll have a safety briefing with the boat’s skipper on the pontoon before you set sail.

Once you’ve established what sort of boat trip you’re after (thrilling chilling or a combination) it’s time to head off. The marina is superbly placed overlooking Brownsea Island with the Purbeck Hills as your backdrop. It’s also a pretty smart place with lots of expensive yachts and cruisers to gawp at as you head out of the harbour area.

Just opposite the Poole harbour area is Studland. This is the eastern extremity of the famous Jurassic Coastline which stretches all the way to Exmouth in East Devon covering some 96miles. It’s dramatic with some wild bits some traditional seaside resorts and lots of impressive cliff sites and nature reserves. Seeing even just a small part of the Jurassic Coast on these boat trips is an awe-inspiring sight.

Indeed seeing it from the sea as opposed to the land is the by far the best way to take in the beauty of it all. And if you get a full group of you together these Poole harbour boat trips are excellent value for money giving you a full hour cruising (and sometimes speeding) along the coastline of this wonderful part of Dorset.

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