Porsche Circuit Blast or Thrill

On a 911 experience you can expect German precision high performance and superb track handling! There’s something quite unique about the Porsche marque. Maybe it’s because it has always stuck to its roots and come up with ‘proper’ cars (OK apart from the Cayenne) that demand and get respect from across the motoring hierarchy.

We think a Porsche is a true driver’s car. The 911 in its various guises has been the flagship model since its launch in 1963. Fans and aficionados will argue until the sun goes down as to which in their eyes and experience is the best 911 version but one thing remains – they are all fabulous head-turning cars that’ll always be at the top of many a petrol head’s dream car list.

As we said there are endless different series of 911 and the fleet on these experience days includes a GT3. For racing fans this is as close as you can get to the circuit-driving professional competition models that have won countless trophies at the 24 hour Nurburgring race and even has its own championship series.

Look closely and you’ll see the rear window is polycarbonate and not glass. The bonnet and the side panels are carbon fibre. The suspension is ever so slightly lower. All this and more means this weight-reduced version can push out more torque more power more acceleration and more fun. If you want to have an almost supernatural experience in a 911 this is the one to go for!

As for the tracks on offer for these 911 experiences you’ll be pleased to hear you can choose where you’d like to go. Base your decision on how far you have to travel or pick a place you’d most like to experience the prowess of the Porsche with former airfields test tracks and race circuits featuring on the list of venues.

You can expect to be driving for three or six miles of your chosen circuit on your 911 experience depending on the voucher purchased. Sessions kick off with a trackside safety briefing ahead of your moment. Then it’s time. This is when you get to drive a legendary Porsche 911 and experience all that motoring greatness. 

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