Porsche Driving Blast

Discover just why the 911 series is so special with this Porsche Blast from IntotheBlue.co.uk! Porsche has a reputation for producing sports cars that are the real deal. These motors need to be properly driven to get the most out of them and with these fabulous fast fun vouchers you will get to experience first hand the brilliance without having to dig very deep in your pocket at all.

We think this Porsche blast package is a superb deal. Not only do you get to enjoy the hustle bustle and general goings on at these track days you also get to drive one of these mythical cars yourself. And before you ask there won’t be a Boxster Cayenne or Panamera in sight – we are talking the 911 in its various disguises as let’s face it the 911 is Porsche.

The first Porsche model 64 appeared in 1938 and was actually a pretty spartan vehicle with more much half the parts coming straight off a Beetle. The classic Nine Eleven as we first knew it (complete with air-cooled engine) arrived in 1968 and has since then despite numerous number changes and design tweaks remained what is essentially the same car that came out Stuttgart all those years ago.

That’s what makes this offer so special. The operator of this driving deal is a major player in the supercar experience market so there will be several versions of the 911 at their disposal. All are ridiculously fun to drive. It might not have the best handling (the engine is in the wrong place for that!) but is has so much character it’s hard not to fall in love with these cars.

Indeed this German wunderkind is totally capable of surprising you and challenging you. It’s a proper little sparring partner that’s been as at home on the road as on the track since the day it first rolled off the Porsche production lines and that’s the spirit that remains today.

As for where you’ll be getting to grips with that infamous rear-wheel drive beauty on the track and grinning from ear to ear on hearing that distinctive flat six engine you have a choice of several different race venues that are on offer. Choosing which one is going to be a tough decision but not a deal breaker as they are all top-notch tracks on this Porsche Blast package!

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