Porsche Test Drive

This is a Porsche test drive that’ll be testing your motoring skills to the max! We’ve lined up a stunning Porsche 997 series for you to take for a drive. This version of the iconic 911 has been widely hailed as one of the best yet – and you’re about to find out why.

To put it simply this is a great car. Being German there are more three letter acronyms than you can shake a frankfurter at with the likes of PTM (that’s Porsche Traction Management) VTG (that’s Variable Turbine Geometry) and PDK…actually that’s not a proper one as it’s stands for Porsche Doppelkupplung.

But what does PDK do? Well its Porsche’s highly refined double clutch transmission ensuring ridiculously smooth and faster gear changes with no power loss which when combined with direct injection became the two key mechanical factors that differentiated the 997 from the 996 predecessor. These two factors made the 997 even lighter even faster and even more fun than before – and you’ll be putting all that to the test.

Ironically the only criticism about the 997 is that it is too good. Porsches have a reputation as real driver’s cars that really need to be driven to get the most out them whereas the 997 is alarmingly easy and responsive to drive and could become (shock horror) a day to day driving car. Albeit one that costs over £100 000…

But put this ‘easy to drive town cruiser’ on the track and the 997 is a completely different beast. This car wants to be tested to its limits and Porsche has come up trumps when it comes to performance on circuit drives and track days.

After your Porsche test drive we’re sure you’ll agree that the 997 is a fantastic piece of kit and as a certain motoring journalist who used to be on the Beeb said the 997 will ‘stir your soul’. If you weren’t a Porsche fan before there’s a good chance you’ll be changing your opinion after testing this one out!

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Porsche Test Drive
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