Porsche Thrill Nationwide

Choose from different top-notch race circuits on these thrilling Porsche track days! Take one very iconic car one excited driver (yes that’s you!) add a very experienced expert and a smooth tarmac track and you’ve got yourself one seriously thrilling Porsche day out on the track!

All of our Porsche track day venues are professionally run and offer challenging technical racing lines that will require total concentration. Before you hit the throttle for your four laps you will be driven around the route in a training car so you can check out every chicane and hairpin you’ll be negotiating in the 911 later as you test that legendary Porsche steering and handling to the max as you eat up the tarmac test track surface at a rate of knots.

Of course if you know your Porsches you’ll know that the 911 was first launched in 1963 and since then each revision of this classic supercar is still marketed as a 911 but has it’s own name too. On these experience days there are a variety of Porsches in the garage just itching to get out on the track so you could be getting behind the wheel of a 997 two door convertible version or a swanky new 991 model that was first released to the driving public in 2011.

There’s no denying these Porsche track days will see you discovering all the wonders of German motor engineering with a plethora of gadgets and gizmos under the bonnet from a ‘torque vectoring’ system to PDK seven-speed transmission. It might all sound like motoring jargon but the overall result is one very drivable carĀ  – even at a measly 30mph it is an absolute pleasure. The nine-eleven is a true modern day automotive classic and we don’t know anyone who wouldn’t relish a few laps around a track in a Porsche!

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