Porsche Track Day

Drive a Porsche Carrera¬†on the airfield circuit at Upper Heyford¬†near Bicester! Now this is what we call a proper Porsche. The 997 model of the legendary 911 design you’ll be driving on this experience is a Carrera S so that means distinctive red brake calipers Recaro seats and race styling coupled with blistering performance.

Slide into the hot seat of the Porsche Carrera S roll into position from the pits check the way is clear and you’re off! Listen to that water-cooled rear mounted engine roar as you hit the throttle and we’re sure they’ll be a big smile on your face.

With your heart beating just that little bit faster you’ll take the Porsche around the track at Upper Heyford for three or six laps before pulling back into the pit lane.

The Porsche Carrera experience at Upper Heyford ends with the presentation of personalised certificates. Worth noting at this venue is that children friends and family are welcome to spectate and there’s no extra charge.

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