Porsche Under 17 Motorsport Academy Drive & Licence

Sign up for the Junior Porsche Academy! Open to children and teens aged between 11 and 16 these experiences give youngsters the chance to drive a Porsche well away from the public roads on a dedicated driving area.

The car used for these Porsche Academies is the Boxster. This is the two seater convertible Porsche and it is a total blast to drive. We have to say Porsche has got that ‘fun in a small package’ thing all wrapped up with this car.

Of course the kids won’t just be jumping in to the Porsche and heading off into the sunset on their own the whole idea of this academy is that they’ll be taught some skills as well as having fun. An instructor will be in the passenger seat and all cars are dual-control so everything proceeds in a safe and controlled way.

Using the dedicated Academy track area the youngsters will put the Porsche through its paces. After a quick practice students will be asked to perform a series of activities checking driver skill and ability.

A few tense minutes of waiting whilst the instructor completes the Academy assessment and hopefully your little one will be proudly waving their licence at you as they climb out of the Porsche to greet you with a huge grin on their face.

Holders of this licence can then go on to book further experiences driving even more powerful supercars with the same operator driving flat out! So if you know a youngster who’s mad about cars and really wants to drive get them lined up for the junior Porsche academy and watch them whizzing around in a Boxster!

Find out more and book your place today!