Power Boat Tour Padstow

Ride the seas see the sights and whoop with delight on this Padstow boat trip! Needless to say this isn’t your usual sedate sightseeing boat ride you will be bumping and bouncing your way around this delightful corner of the country on a high speed boat!

Before you can set sail for the high seas you’ll meet your skipper for the voyage – Ian Kitto. Ian has grown up in and lived around the Padstow area all of his life and has set up this boat touring company as a friendly family concern. His jolly disposition wealth of local knowledge and sheer boat driving skills are what make these trips unique.

Following an on-shore safety briefing you’ll be kitted out in a buoyancy aid and if needs be waterproofs. Heading down to the Padstow quayside you’ll see the bright orange vessel that’ll be taking you on your boat tour. It’s a very impressive RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) that is sturdy yet light and very very powerful with not one but two outboard motors. Climb aboard and get ready for the ride…

Things start nice and gently with a cruise out of the Camel Estuary on which Padstow sits then your tour in this powerful boat literally steps up a gear as you are on the open seas and Ian hits the throttle. Skimming across the waters it’s a case of spray in your face screeches of delight and a proper bouncy ride – no wonder there are large bars in front of you to hold on to! You’ll whizz around this astonishingly beautiful coastline with a heading towards Port Isaac.

Port Isaac is instantly recognisable as the location where hit TV show Dr Martin is filmed and is also where scenes for the classic Poldark series were shot. It’s picture postcard pretty and rather lovely to look at from the sea for a very different perspective of this quintessential little village that is much like Padstow a mix of tourism and fishing. Slowing the boat down your tour guide and driver Ian will tell you all about the history along with some fascinating facts too.

Then it’s about turn to set off on the return leg of your boat trip back to Padstow. Once again it’s a brilliant mix of speedy boat riding and seaside views as you head back into port. And if you and your fellow passengers are up for it (and there isn’t too much sea swell) Ian is always obliging when it comes to pulling off a few sharp turns that are way more of an adrenaline rush than your average theme park ride!

If you want to make it a personal party on the waves go for the charter option that gives you the boat skippered by Ian for an hour exclusive to you. This means that once beyond Padstow harbour you can decide where to send the boat on your very own private tour.

We think this Padstow boat tour is the perfect way to spend an hour discovering the coastline hearing about the history of the area and of course generally ‘having it’ zipping around in this seriously fast boat appropriately called Ocean Voyager. And yes you will get wet but that’s all part of the fun!

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