Private Yacht Charter

Sail away on the open sea on a yacht charter from Brighton Marina! There’s going to be a waterborne weekend of fun when you rent your very own yacht for you and your group that comes with everything you need for a day or a whole weekend afloat – including your very own skipper!

These private charter yachts are moored in the marina at Brighton but you can also arrange with the operator to set sail and back from Gosport for a small supplement which is ideal for those with some yachting experience as it means you can set sail on a spirited voyage to the Solent and even Cowes if you opt for the weekender charter.

Yachts in the fleet may vary on the day but you can expect something in the class of the high performance Beneteau 36.7 race cruiser which is a delight to crew and handles both spirited racing speeds and a more gentle leisure pace with aplomb.

On the deck there’s plenty of space for everyone to take a seat and watch the action and below deck it’s compact but contains all you need for a day or a two night break onboard including two double rear cabins a double in the front peak a toilet a saloon with radio post sitting area and central table along with a kitchen equipped with a fridge and stove with oven and hob. For all charters you are heartily encouraged to bring your own food and drinks onto the yacht for the whole party as catering is not provided as part of the rental packages for these yachts.

The idea behind an exclusive yacht charter is that as it’s you who are renting the boat you get to decide where you go on your trip. If you go for the full day charter you could head out of Brighton and explore the gorgeous Sussex coast heading along Seven Sisters and getting to see the impressive Beachy Head from the water. A weekend yacht rental from Brighton opens up even more possibilities with the most adventurous amongst you perhaps opting for a trip towards Littlehampton or perhaps Eastbourne. If you do go for the two night charter you can moor up in the yacht and stay overnight somewhere nice or you can even book accommodation onshore it’s all up to you and very flexible indeed.

And as you are chartering this performance yacht just for yourselves your skipper will be (subject to weather conditions and the like) totally up for what you want to do. You can go leisurely and gaze at the rugged coastline on the way or you can take a more hands-on approach and learn a bit more about what it takes to crew a yacht like this one – who knows by the end of your yacht charter and back in Brighton you might be already talking main sails spinnakers and mast climbing!

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