R34 Skyline Drive

The Nissan Skyline GT-R is a legendary car that’s for sure. And when the vehicle is as prepped and primped as the one Brian O’Connor drives in 2Fast2Furious it makes driving this particular R34 pretty much out of this world!

The mega successful Hollywood franchise has featured hundreds of cars but one that stands out for fans is the Nissan. Brian’s Skyline in the second movie instalment was a gleaming vision of silver sleekness complete with blue stylised coachwork detailing and of course the UV lights on the chassis. Fitted out with Sparco harnesses MOMO steering wheel a Clarion head unit with LCD TV screen a JBL amp and Infinity speakers Brian O’Connors Skyline GT-R had all the extra accessories and mods any self respecting street racer could ever need.

The R34 GT-R on this experience doesn’t quite go to these heights of customisation but it is still one very cool car. It’s in ethereal gleaming white with full carbon fibre bodykit right down to the huge spoiler with a boost setting for extra torque so the car can exit corners in a higher gear. Pretty neat. Plus there’s that powerful turbo-charged V6 engine that comes as standard on the R34. All in all this is a pretty damn fine motor – and you’re going to be driving it!

In the Furious films Brian starts life as an LAPD officer on an undercover mission. But it’s clear to see that despite losing his first race with Dom and blowing up and engine in the process (not in a Skyline we might add) that megawatt smile on his face as he says: ‘Dude I almost had you’ shows you how infectious the daring and dangerous world of racing is.

That ridiculously good sensation you get after being at the wheel of one very very fast car is just what you’ll get with this R34 GT-R drive too. It’s your own personal Brian moment as you experience the torque speed and bellowing exhaust noise of this brute of a car for three or six laps at the circuit of your choosing from the eight offered.

And let’s face it if you own a Nissan Skyline GT-R and you drive it on the public roads you will never push the car to its limits. Taking the R34 onto the track means you can drive it fast and furiously knowing there are no former colleagues of Brian’s in their police cars or speed cameras in sight waiting to pounce and spoil the fun.

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R34 Skyline Drive
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