Rage Buggies Dorset

Go on a madcap Rage Buggying Experience In Dorset! Your experience will take place on farmland near Blandford that has a dirt track with hair raising bends and super fast straights alongside that’ll really challenge your buggying skills – all spread over acres of land.

The buggies you’ll be driving are all single seater so it’s just you the powerful off road buggy with two engines (complete with full roll cage) out on the track. During your chosen driving time you’ll soon work out that to make those tight corners you’ll have to slide around them and drifting is the name of the game. As for those long straights you’ll see the serious speed these super lightweight buggies do.

Being just inches from the ground and exposed to the elements makes the experience especially unique and exhilarating. Our rage buggying experience in Dorset takes place all year round so there’s a good chance you’ll be driving in the mud water or dust. In fact the suppliers tell us to make sure you’re aware that you might get muddy – which we think is all part of the thrill!

With many years of experience the centre are experts in laying out the most exciting tracks and you will have to negotiate a challenging course with hairpin bends and chicanes with corners so tight that you will need to slide around to get the best time.

The venue has great facilities; there is a cafe where meals and drinks can be bought and even a pool and jacuzzi available for hire if you fancy relaxing after your high speed thrill! The site is located in Blandford Forum which is less than 30 minutes drive from Poole Bournemouth or Dorchester.

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