Rage Buggies Powys / Shropshire Border

Take on the wrath of the Rage buggies near Welshpool with a spot of archery or laser clays thrown in for good measure! This all-action activity centre on the edge of Powys is very proud of its star players – these very capable little off road buggies. Let’s see if you can tame the Rage.

Mid Wales just near the border with Shropshire. Lots of undulating land big farm estates and plenty of space all around. This is what makes the perfect natural habitat for the Rage buggy. In fact they could be indigenous here. Parked up they almost disappear into the background of the Welsh countryside…

Start the engine however and it’s a whole different matter. That’s a Honda 690cc engine in the rear of the Rage and it certainly lives up to its name. It roars into life with a harmonious growl ready to take on anything this Welsh terrain can throw at it.

Your mission is to pilot the Rage buggy around this purpose-built track on the cusp of mid-Wales. Now we’ve seen a fair few off roading buggies in our time but we have to say the Rage has to be the pick of the pack. Sure it’s back to basics but it’s by no means rough and ready they are actually superbly engineered and really quite refined – but with a definite naughty side.

As you grapple with the steering watch out for the back end of the Rage sliding out. Applying more acceleration will push you even further back into the bucket seat and see you powering out of the bend at crazy speeds. Being so lightweight these buggies accelerate faster than many a respectable supercar and they are just so much fun in all conditions. Mud if you’ve had a bit of Welsh rain dust if it’s been dry and warm – whatever the weather in Welshpool the revelry reigns with the Rages.

For these experiences one of the centre’s event leaders will show you the controls and you’ll have a little practice session to get used to being in a bouncy buggy just inches from the floor. Then it’s over to you for the main event. Racing raucous and ridiculously rapid Rage buggies near Welshpool are the best fun and you can round off your day with either an archery or laser clay session included in the price.

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