Rage Buggy Rally Driving

Spend a half or full day getting to grips with the speed and agility of our Rage Buggies in Chichester West Sussex or let someone else show you how it’s done with a rage buggy passenger ride! It’s all about the quality of the instructors here as the school is owned and run by Leo Forster who learnt to race at the tender age of five.

Tip top tuition for those who opt to drive is on the cards for all day then as Leo and his highly skilled team take you through the paces driving a Rage Buggy in a rally cross situation. Many of the skills needed are just like in standard rallying but these buggies are something else. Open sided the wind and mud comes flying and the wheels go spinning with a cacophony of engine and throttle noise – just as well you’re kitted out in full face helmets and race suits throughout. Truly exciting stuff.

On the half day rage buggy session you will learn the essentials such as low speed buggy control gear selection and high speed skills too. The full day experience gives you the same training but with a lot more time behind the wheel to perfect those buggy moves as well as some extra tips.

For example full day participants will learn just how the pros get the most out of these Rage Buggies from being taught about racing lines and braking points to throttle control and dealing with changing race surfaces. Discovering racing craft means your lap times throughout the day are bound to improve rapidly.

On both experiences you will start off as a passenger for some circuit familiarisation laps with the instructor explaining the layout of the track as you go. It’s then over to you for your first practice laps as you get a feel for how lively your mud-munching buggy can be as you fling it around the tight corners and maybe even pulling a few Scandinavian flicks.

After everything you’ll have learnt whilst you’ve been driving these rage buggies in Chichester you will love the finale – timed laps. Get fired up to lay down some serious laptimes as you push yourself to the limits in these 360bhp lightweight machines capable of 0-60 in four seconds. And of course for those opting for the passenger ride you’ll be leaving the driving to one of this Chichester centre’s experienced instructors as you get whisked off on a nail-bitingly rapid drive of the track!

All a bit too fast and furious for you? Then take a look at our personal transporter experiences. We have some superb Segway days out throughout the UK which are great fun and a bit more sedate.

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Rage Buggy Rally Driving
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