Richmond Canoe and Kayak Tours

Take to the water with a serene kayak or canoe tour of London! This is your chance to explore the Thames embarking from Richmond as a group led by one of the enthusiastic and very capable instructors. And of course everything you need is included and there’s no previous canoe experience needed!

For these fun-filled days out that get you away from all the bustle of London you have the choice of a kayak or a canoe tour. This centre uses stable open canoes that are shared. They are brilliant to paddle as a group and it’s camaraderie all the way. They are also easy to get the hang of which means you’ll soon get into the relaxed way of life on the water as you drift along the river.

And if you go for the kayaking outing you’ll be in your own kneeling or sit down kayak. That means the power is all down to you (and your arms!) but don’t worry if you’ve never paddled before as a warm up and technique session is always included

Indeed the experience starts on the riverbank as you meet your instructor and guide at the Petersham slipway in Richmond. And of course this venue has British Canoe Union approved (BCU) fully qualified passionate instructors and you will all be kitted out in all the safety gear needed and also given the essential tool of the trade; the paddle.

Once you have launched onto the water in the canoes or kayaks you will paddle peacefully upstream on the Thames. There will be little challenges for you to complete as you go and you may get as far to Eel Pie Island in Twickenham. Eel Pie Island is a superb little private island that is only accessible by footbridge or boat and this delightful place is home to a small number of houses and artists’ studios making it an interesting and unusual destination to aim for in your vessel.

During these trips there is often the chance to stop off at The White Swan; a quaint little 17th century pub in Twickenham that could almost be anywhere in the middle of the English countryside. If you arrive at the right time you may experience a gentle tide lapping around your garden table.

These sociable and laid back riverside tours of the Thames and Eel Pie Island will last around two and a half hours. Don’t hesitate take advantage of this fantastic kayak or canoeing in London offer from Into the Blue and get paddling!

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