River Kayaking Somerset

Go river kayaking in Somerset for stunning scenery and peaceful paddling! We are offering half and full-day kayak trips on the River Brue to paddle the gentle waters and take in all the sights and sounds.

The base for these kayak expeditions is Wall Eden Farm near Highbridge. Easily accessible from the M5 just south of the Mendip Hills you’ll find this outdoor adventure centre in the heart of the Somerset Levels. These are the ancient wetlands that feed into the river as it meanders along to Glastonbury.

The river is as much steeped in history as it is in wildlife. This area has been populated since Neolithic times and has always been an important watercourse. During WW2 the river was part of the GHQ defence line so as you kayak along you’ll spot some of the many pillboxes that were erected along the Brue.

Along the route you’re bound to encounter the prolific wildlife. From swans and cygnets to herons and swallows this area of the wetlands is managed by the Somerset Wildlife Trust as the ‘Brue Valley Living Landscape’ in order to preserve its natural habitat.

As for the paddling involved this centre has both solo and tandem kayaks available and they are the sit-on-top type. That means they are really stable so novices with little paddle experience can easily enjoy these trips.

After being kitted out you’re down at the water’s edge for your briefing. Then it’s time to launch and head off along the River Brue. Passing the likes of River Bridge Westhay Oxenpill Meare (home to one of the country’s best preserved prehistoric villages) and Stileway too.

What we love about these half and full day kayaking tours in Somerset is that you paddle at your own rhythm so you can turn back whenever you like or paddle as far as Glastonbury as these are self-guided trips. You might even find a nice riverside pub along the way for a refreshment break or a shady spot for a picnic – however you do your kayaking outing it’s going to be lots of fun in a very nice and relaxed way!

Find out more and book your place today!

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