Roush Mustang Driving Experience

Feel the full force of the Roush Mustang! The sixth generation Ford Mustang GT is impressive. Throw in the Roush performance enhancements and you’ve got yourself a seriously cool modern day muscle car. Here’s your chance to drive this Roush’d up Ford around the race track of your choice. Yeehaa!

The logo on the front grille gives you the iconic image by Phillip Thomas Clark of the free roaming Mustang horse. This represented both the name of the car but also the American spirit. Already the sixth gen Mustang released in 2015 was wider lower and more powerful than before.

A true modern muscle car with loads of power from its big V8 engine and handling to take on the best European contenders.  Electrifying in every way this car does not disappoint.  It’s roaring sound of the V8 under the hood you really get the idea of why people love the Mustang so much.  If you are a muscle fan then this will be the car for you.  Even though you have all the creature comfoirts that we are now accustomed to having in our cars make no mistake about it this is a true Mustang worthy of the badge and worthy of it’s place in the Mucle Car Hall of Fame!

As the legend that is Jack Roush himself says: ‘Between a road car and a race car there’s a Roush car.’ And that’s certainly true of Roush’s Mustang. The long-running Ford muscle car favourite has been given racing finesse and competition performance that makes it a real head-turner of a car.

Add that to the fact that don’t see many Mustangs in the UK let alone these Roush Mustangs and you’ve got yourself a brilliant driving experience in a pretty rare car. Take your moment to feel the rush of the Roush at a race track near you and experience that in-your-face all-American power for yourself!

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Roush Mustang Driving Experience
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