Scarab Jet Boat Ride

Gear yourself for some jet-propelled fun on a jet boat ride! Scarab jet boats are fast agile and fun making them the perfect choice for your jet boat passenger experience at Wyboston Lakes near St Neots. 

If you’re not familiar with Scarab they make jet boats for having fun out on the water whether it’s a gentle cruise a quick blast around or for towing sports. Based in America the UK dealer for Scarab actually uses these lakes for demos and testing so you’re in the heart of the Scarab jet boat action with these experiences!

You’ll be a passenger on these funky vessels with an RYA qualified skipper at the helm. The boats are ‘compact but potent’ as the manufacturers themselves put it. It seats the driver (or should that be pilot?) and up to four passengers comfortably. In the luxury models there are swivel seats so you can face forwards when you’re wave jumping and turn round to relax and take in the sunset when you throttle back and drift for a while.

On these jet boat rides it’s all about adrenaline so there’s no kicking back and relaxing on the Scarab’s stern deck. You’re here to witness the sheer power and handling of this waterborne pocket rocket. And it’s pretty phenomenal for such a modestly-sized boat. And corners? Well you’ll be wondering if you should scream and wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care or hang on for dear life in that white-knuckle kind of way. It all depends how brave a sailor you are!

When you’re going at speeds of up to 50mph you can get a long way in 10 minutes. Luckily these lakes cover around 33 acres so there’s room to cruise room to pull off those sharp cornering moves and room to max out on the acceleration on the straights too with these Scarab jet boats.

It’s going to be a thrilling jet boat ride out there so get yourself ready for the day you meet the bold and brash Scarab. It’s pretty life affirming stuff undertaking a passenger ride on these jet-powered boats – we think even hardy landlubbers should do it at least once!

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