Self Drive Classic Car Hire

Book yourself four hours of retro motoring with these self drive classic car hire experiences! Take your pick from a fleet of classic cars that reside in Weybridge to then explore the wonderful Surrey countryside for a couple of hours. Now this is what going out for a drive was meant to be like!

What we love about this particular collection of cars is that it is pretty eclectic. We think it epitomises classic in the true sense of the word. That’s to say desirable rare iconic and even revolutionary in its own way. Not all of these cars for hire in Weybridge are high-powered fancy sports cars but every one is utterly appealing and you will absolutely love driving them around Surrey.

We are offering you three different price bands of vintage cars for you. If truth be told we think the lowest price band is actually the best. Alongside the zippy little roadsters you’ve got the likes of the legendary Land Rover (and this one is an Series 1) and a lovely little original Fiat 500.

Of course moving up a category definitely moves you up a gear in the vintage car stakes. This Surrey-based hire firm certainly knows what makes car fans tick with the likes of Aston Martin Austin Healy and even the only self drive hire Delorean car currently on offer in the UK. Car choice group C is for serious head-turners only with the most desirable Aston and Jag featuring.

As for where to go during your four-hour self-drive hire? Well in Surrey you’ve got yourself a wonderful county to explore. There’s everything from vineyards gastro pubs and award winning restaurants to motor museums country clubs and castles. There are many stunning villages and winding roads to discover within your four hour hire period.

And don’t forget these self drive classic car hire packages are for one driver but depending on the type of vintage car you choose you could be off on a road trip with friends and family. Of course if it’s a two seater sporty little number there’s only room for one ride-along buddy but if there are four seats it can be a veritable family excursion around Surrey!

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