Sherlock Holmes Tour

Don your deerstalker for this crime-solving excursion taking in the key locations featured in Sherlock Holmes’ London mysteries. Tour the same streets as the grand master of intrigue and uncover interesting facts about this iconic British literary detective.

Your walking exploration of London begins where Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Watson first met and proceeds onwards through the streets of the capital visiting the places described by Arthur Conan Doyle  in his stories and used in big screen and TV adaptations of these most popular detective novels. This tour allows you to follow in the footsteps of this pipe-smoking star taking in everything from London’s finest gentlemen’s clubs to restaurants and exclusive hotels.

Your well-informed tour guide will reveal a side to London you never knew existed dishing out interesting titbits of information about the nation’s favourite super-sleuth. Sherlock Holmes was known for his logical reasoning forensic science skills and being a master of disguise able to outwit the perpetrators of the most heinous and devious crimes. With references to a gamut of mysteries in Sherlock’s career from The Illustrious Client to A Study In Scarlet this London tour will pique the interest of even the most ardent Holmes and Watson aficionados.

Group numbers are kept low to allow everyone the chance to interact with both the guide and the locations visited and last approximately two hours in total. Don’t be surprised if people turn up in full Sherlock Holmes regalia – this is one London tour which fully supports the wearing of costumes! All fancy dress is optional but adds a touch of flair to this already intriguing adventure.

Culminating on The Strand this is one walking tour you won’t be forgetting in a hurry. Perfect for amateur sleuths and anyone wishing to learn a little bit more about the elusive detective who resided at 221b Baker Street taking our Sherlock Holmes London tour is an elementary decision my dear Watson!

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