Speed Shelby Mustang Drive

On this fantastic Shelby Mustang drive experience you’re going to be feeling the need for speed! Liveried up just like the star of the 2014 film ‘Need for Speed’ this 2013 Shelby Mustang GT500 has got power and charisma in bucketloads. Let’s see if you can handle this all-American brute of a car on the track.

The stats for this Shelby Mustang speak for themselves. A 5.8l supercharged V8 engine 662bhp 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds and a near warp-speed maximum of 202mph. Put simply when Ford released this beast it was the fastest production car out there. And quite possibly the loudest.

Sitting next to European supercars the Mustang is immense. The styling is as bold brash and roguish as you’d expect from our motoring cousins across the Atlantic. Inside there’s a well-laid out dash and the low-slung bucket seats to give you a reassuring hug when you’re hurtling into hairpins at some considerable speed.

But the rear windows are tiny making the driver’s view pretty limited. And the rear seats are pretty much unusable as they are way too cramped for adults. But that’s not the point of this car. The Shelby Mustang was built to be driven. It’s raw throaty and bold just how we like ‘em.

When it’s your turn to have your Tobey Marshall moment (the street racer star of ‘Need for Speed’ played by Aaron Paul in the film) slide into the driver’s seat and take a moment. This Shelby Mustang GT500 is such a powerful car. Yes the steering is heavy the gear changes can be clunky and the pedals are pretty hefty too but it’s just epic.

With those distinctive double air intakes and wide twin blue stripes you can’t miss this shimmering silver vision of the modern American pony car as it throatily passes you on the track. We are offering three and six-mile Shelby Mustang drives for your sheer and utter pleasure available at a whole host of race tracks near you. 

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