Spy Camp for Kids

This really is a fab event where children get to find out just what it takes to be a secret agent spy! The junior spy camp experience is packed full of hands on spy activities that will test little ones both mentally and physically. And after a few hours of intense James Bond-style action they’re sure to be tired but very happy!

These secret agent spy experiences start with code breaking as their diffusing skills are put to the test too. The pressure is on as the clock ticks away. Is it the red or the blue wire? Crack it with seconds to spare or will time run out? This is every teen’s chance to save the universe as beads of sweat start to form on their foreheads…oh the pressure!

After that crazy mental conundrum it’s the laser challenge session which will literally light up their enthusiasm. Stealth and agility are needed in bucket loads to get past the laser beam maze and crack the safe. One false move and the alarms will be triggered. It’s going to be intense right until the very end to see if the kids can conquer those lasers.

These junior spy days continue with a sniper rifle and gun session which includes a ‘pistol’ draw competition to find out who amongst the gathering of young spies is the hot-shot of the pack. Don’t worry there’s no danger little ones will be in the line of ‘fire’ it’s all about the speed and technique on the draw. Youngsters will love getting to play the role of a covert operative at the sniper range learning how to hit the target from afar.

After all that shoot-em-up fun these junior spy days finish with a look at the essential skills of lighting a fire and shelter building. After all courageous young spys never know when it might come in handy! A spy camp certificate will be presented at the end of the course to show little ones that they have made the grade as a junior top secret agent spy.

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