Street Life Young Driver

This multi-award winning young driver programme is a scheme by the Street Life driving school to give youngsters not yet old enough for their provisional licence top-notch driving tuition. So if you know a teen who is mega keen to get behind the wheel in a safe environment in Essex this is the perfect choice.

Taking place at Colchester Football ground in Essex it means the young ‘uns are well away from the public roads and other road users too. And let’s face it we bet most Mums and Dad have been hassled at some point by their teenager to let them ‘have a go’ in their car when in a supermarket car park so this option is much safer.

Being a professional driver programme it means there’s no pressure on the young drivers there is no family trying to teach (always a source of arguments in our book!) and there is plenty of space all around. So if there are a few stalling moments or heading into a corner a bit too fast it isn’t going to mean trouble ahead And of course just as you’d expect all cars used for tutoring young drivers are dual-controlled.

And as for the teaching this scheme really is second to none. All instructors occupying that front passenger seat are DVSA (Driving and Vehicles Standards Agency) approved and highly experienced especially with helping children make their very first moves in motoring.

So what can the lucky young people expect to learn? Well each participant receives a 20-30 minute educational presentation from the speaker prior to driving. Young people hear from emergency service personnel such as Essex & Kent Fire and Rescue Service Essex Air Ambulance and Essex Police. The school has worked with various agencies to make sure the most important information on safety comes across as well as the actual driver training. 

This young driver programme gives each driver 45 minutes of driving time behind the wheel at the Colchester stadium venue with a diverse range of cars available. This gives teens time to get to trips with not only car control but also road safety too especially when backed up by that educational chat before the lesson.

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