Super Hero Drive

When it comes to iconic superhero cars this one is up there with the very best of them. Atomic batteries to power…turbines to speed…ready to move out…this is your chance to drive a superhero car worthy of any cape-wearing crime fighter.

And just like any self-respecting superhero vehicle the one that starred in the hit US TV series starring Adam West and Burt Ward was filled with gadgets. Bearing in mind this was the 1960s this car was pretty revolutionary with things like remote computer links onboard cameras telescopes and telephone anti-theft devices automatic tyre inflation smoke machine and even remote controlled driving.

Not forgetting that unmistakable styling. The large rear fins with the obligatory rocket thruster make this car truly worthy of any law-abiding superhero. Even the coachwork in shiny gloss black with those distinctive fluorescent cerise stripes make this car worthy of superhero greatness. Mind you all that means it’s not exactly the most discrete of superhero vehicles.

So don’t expect to blend in or go unnoticed at the track when you roll out in this superhero whip. The original was based on the Lincoln Futura which was a 1955 concept car built by Ford that never actually went into production. It was adapted for superhero use in record time. It took just three weeks to add all that distinguishing metalwork gadgets gizmos and more ready for filming.

Of course the car you’ll be driving isn’t the original straight out of Gotham. However it has been shipped in from the US of A where fans of the TV show have been hand-building replicas to amazing standards for years. They’re so good they have any superhero looking for a suitable crime-busting vehicle waving wads of cash at them.

We’re giving you the chance to drive one of the best superhero cars ever at a variety of tracks around the UK. You can put your foot down for three or six miles giving you plenty of time to imagine what it would be like in hot pursuit of the baddies preventing the odd riot and using your onboard weaponry to serve and protect. Well we can all dream a good superhero can’t we?

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