Tall Ship Sailing Dorset

Go tall ship sailing in Dorset on board the good ship Moonfleet! Set sail from Portland Marina on a lovely tall ship to ride the seas along the spectacular Jurassic Coast. Roll your sleeves up and get stuck in with the crew or just relax and watch the world go by – it’s up to you.

Moonfleet was originally built in Holland in the 1930s as a cargo boat. This steel-hulled ship was then converted into a sail training vessel with the aim of making tall ship sailing affordable for all. And these experiences in Dorset certainly live up to that mantra with a two-hour sail out costing less than £50.

And we have to say we don’t know why but there’s something rather fantastical and even romantic about these elegant tall ships. It’s all about adventures on the high seas and glorious sailing expeditions at the helm of such a beautiful vessel with you joining the Moonfleet crew!

Led by Captain Jez you’ll motor out of Portland Harbour. Once on the open seas it’s time to put to sail. This is your chance to hoist the mainsail. It’s great fun for all to take part in and no previous sailing experience is needed. Once the skipper has cut the motor there’s no noise apart from the sea and the wind in the sails. At this point you’ll take it in turns to take the helm guiding Moonfleet on her path with the big wooden wheel.

Crossing Weymouth Bay you’ll be treated to superb views back towards the shores of Dorset’s famous Jurassic Coastline. It’s a real treat to spot all the beaches coves and cliffs from the boat as it gives you that whole new perspective from out on the water. Opt for the four-hour sail and you’ll drop anchor near Durdle Door the iconic limestone arch – an absolute highlight for any tall ship sailor!

Of course no tall ship expedition would be the same without cracking open the biscuit barrel and popping the kettle on the stove for a mug of tea so there’s plenty of time for this on each voyage. And it’s all very convivial too. You might hear some tall tales from seaman Ken’s days in the Navy hang out with Captain Scrummage the ship’s gorgeous Black Labrador or assist First Mate Brian with dropping the anchor in a secluded bay. We reckon you’re going to love the day you went tall ship sailing in Dorset.

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