Tank Driving in Northants

Go tank driving in Northampton – and enjoy lots more military madness that’s thrown in too! These half and full day experiences combine superb tank driving with a good dash of military manoeuvres in the Northamptonshire countryside. It’s time to get camo’d up and into gear on this one of IntotheBlue’s best tank driving days out!

There’s also a very real motive to your missions as well as throughout the session you will be competing for the coveted title of Best Tank Driver  with the winner getting to crush a vehicle at the end of your experience in the biggest tank you’ve ever seen the 55 ton Chieftain. Now that’s what we call a finale!

So what sort of military monsters will be lined up for you to drive at this amazing centre in Northamptonshire? 

Russian 2S1 Gvozdika Tank – this Russian monster is fully amphibious with a mighty 300bhp turbo v8 engine it also has a bigger gun than the chieftain don’t you know! 

Lance Missile Carrier – a massive tracked vehicle with a Detroit diesel engine. The alloy body and high powered engine make an exciting combination that will climb anything. Used by the British armed forces to launch tactical nuclear missiles.  

Springer – The British Army beach buggy commissioned by a General who was obviously a surfer dude! Fantastic suspension and great to drive. Just back from Afghanistan and still smelling of Napalm. Great on the purpose built race track. 

F432 Armoured Personnel Carrier – the 432 is a lever steering automatic and can reach an off road speed of over 30 mph. It is powered by a Rolls Royce straight eight and served as everything from a battlefield van to a minelayer rocket launcher troop carrier to mortar firer. The squaddies’ favourite.  

As well as driving and riding in some amazing hardware around this mud-fest of a ground at Brackley in Northamptonshire you will also get to take part in some unique military themed activities including:- 

Woodland Survival – with an ex-Marine leading the group  you will set off on a mission into the woodland to see if you’ve got what it takes to survive outdoors.

Flintlock and Cohorn Mortar Shooting – an insight into 17th century armoury where you get to fire off real mortars and flintlock muskets. 

Armoury Talk – spend time with a time-served former mercenary/battalion sniper who will give you a fascinating peek into the world of firearms. 

Clay Pigeon Shooting – test your marksmanship with a stealth silenced 12 bore shotgun. An experienced instructor will help hone your shooting skills.

On the half day session you get to drive three of the vehicles and attend the armoury demo. On the full day you will be participating in the complete programme of drives and events making this easily our most comprehensive tank driving day out ever. On both experiences one lucky person will crush a car at the end of the session.

With over 100 military vehicles on site it’s a great opportunity for spectators to do more than just stand on the sidelines as they get to ride in vehicles and observe the demonstrations and talks too.

Some of the vehicles on this drive a tank day in Northamptonshire have been used on films such as Black Hawk Down and Band of Brothers as well as TV shows like Scrap Heap Challenge and Salvage Squad. Oh and it’s not just the vehicles that are authentic the team of instructors are all ex-forces too so make sure you stand up straight to avoid an army-style rollicking! 

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