Tank Driving Leicestershire

Get behind the controls of a serious piece of military machinery when you go tank driving around Leicestershire! You’ll develop a new found respect for our boys and girls in the army as you learn how to get to grips with this battle behemoth and explore the ultra-high tech gadgetry that makes tank driving such a skilled activity.

Both the one to one and the small group tank driving sessions in Leicestershire start with a full kit-out including the battle suit and army helmet so you look and feel the part for your forthcoming tactical challenges. Then you’ll get to meet your instructor and see the inside of your tank complete with full battle-zone livery for the first time. Clamber inside the turret and see inside this monster of an FV432.

Then it’s your turn in the driver’s seat and your first mission is to complete a lap with the hatches open. You’ll be able to see what’s ahead and around you. You’ll come to terms with the controls of your tank and be able to concentrate on where you’re headed. This is your first chance to feel how the tank reacts and moves in your hands.

Your second lap is much more authentic as you wind down the seat and close the tank’s hatch so you’re driving in combat conditions with only the periscope to guide you. This is a real test of judgement direction and confidence which is also where your tank driving skills will really start to develop. The Leicestershire track is great for offering a whole range of landscapes and is a fantastic experience for military novices and seasoned navigators alike.

Those on the Tank Taster experience will take it in turns to drive and as the session is shared with two others and you will be a passenger for the four laps when you’re not at the controls. The big advantage of the Tank Driving Experience is that it is on a one to one basis exclusive to you as well as offering four driving laps. The four laps will consist of two laps with the hatches open and two laps with the hatches closed and by now you’ll be feeling much more at home in the heavy duty confines of your tank so expect to be flying around the track (well as much as these 17.5 ton full-tracked beasts can!) putting those gigantic engines to good use.

If you’re a military-minded guy or girl interested in warfare heavy-tracked motor vehicles or even just someone looking for a fun and unusual day out then you can’t go wrong with these fully-loaded tank track days. With free entry to the fascinating onsite military vehicle museum included you can enjoy a marvellously mechanical day out and learn all there is to know about tank driving. Leicestershire’s centre offers bumps dirt tracks and water obstacles all ready to test your tank skills to the max so go in there guns blazing for a real army experience.

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