Tank Driving Oxfordshire

Test your mettle with a spot of tank driving in Oxfordshire – and a whole lot more! We are offering two different tank driving packages for you in Oxfordshire. The very wonderful Bicester Heritage is basecamp for your tank military and emergency services vehicle driving experience. Being a former RAF station packed full of original 1940s features it’s like rolling back time to World War Two days. 

All experiences start with a welcome onto this very special ex-RAF site. It is now a mecca for historic and racing vehicles of all ages and kinds with many specialist operators (including your tank driving hosts) and automotive artisans installed within the Bicester Heritage site. There’s literally history all around you but get ready to make a little bit history for yourself by driving a genuine ex-Army FV432 APC (that’s Armoured Personnel Carrier).

The FV432 tank is the star of the show at Bicester and it’s easy to see why. Weighing in at fifteen tons these GKN Sankey-built APCs are powered by roaring 240hp Rolls Royce engines. Start her up and get ready to make a proper racket as you power your way around the off road track.

If you choose the ultimate tank driving experience at Bicester Heritage you can add a 4×4 Army truck and a Dennis RS V8 fire engine to your portfolio of drives. The Leyland Daf truck is genuine ex-Army (who knows what peace keeping missions this boy went on?) and is about as tough and durable as they come. And despite their bulk they are actually capable of up to 60mph on bumpy off road surfaces.

The fire engine is your classic big red Dennis. You see these machines dashing around all over the country fighting fires rescuing cats from trees and so forth. We’re told it comes equipped with fully working ‘blues and twos’ so yes you will be nee-nahhing whilst you drive. And it’s worth saying that with a 8.2l turbocharged diesel engine onboard the Dennis can clock up a nifty flame-busting 0-60mph time of 12 seconds!

Just as we said this tank driving in Oxfordshire malarky isn’t just about driving your favourite fully-tracked vehicle. It’s an eclectic mix of military motoring combined with the emergency services that’ll have you enthralled from the moment you arrive at the Bicester Heritage centre!

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