Target Sports in Fife

When is archery in Fife about more than bows and arrows? When it’s combined with air rifling and maybe even clays too that’s when! Activities take place at this family run centre at Kirkcaldy in mid-Fife with a large purpose-built indoor archery arena and shooting range that is renowned in Scotland. This all means you can enjoy a session shooting at targets no matter what the weather is doing outside.

It’s all about hand and eye coordination at Fife’s finest activity centre. Archery novices will be able to enjoy a fully instructed archery session with easy to use recurve bows aiming at traditional bullseye roundel targets. If you are shooting indoors the archery range has eight butts and an 18m firing range to test all levels of archer.

As for the air rifle shooting you’ll be using Daystate 0.22 pneumatic rifles with telescopic sights. Adjacent to the archery arena Fife’s biggest indoor rifle range boasts 11 lanes that are all 10 metres long and you will be aiming and firing at knock down targets (which we think are the most fun type!) that are automatically reloaded.

If you go for the full targets sports package you’ll take your rifle shooting outside to see if you smash some clays to smithereens. As the clays come flying through the air at different speeds and trajectories it’s down to you to shoot them out of the sky. It’s totally brilliant fun.

Of course you won’t be given a bow and a rifle and just left to your own devices. Excellent tuition is included on these packages. Shooting manager Eddy Buchan runs the show and as a APSI (Association of Professional Shooting Instructors) advanced coach he knows a good shot when he sees one. Eddy and his team of instructors will get you up to standard in no time giving you informative and fun tuition as you tackle air rifle shooting and archery in the same day here in Fife.

Experiences will last around an hour and don’t forget this is the only place in Scotland where you can combine both outdoor and indoor rifles and archery. Fife’s outdoor centre near Kirkcaldy also regularly hosts competitions so you’ll be learning in amongst the best of them!

Find out more and book your place today!