Teen Drive Experience Knockhill

Where better in Scotland than Knockhill for a teen drive? As Scotland’s only MSA and FIA graded professional ran circuit this is the best (and undoubtedly most exciting) place for a youngster to get their very first experience of driving. Just watch in wonder as those usually uncommunicative teenage kids suddenly become very animated!

The format of these kids driving experiences at Scotland’s finest race track has been carefully constructed to be fun and practical at the same time. The idea being that if you install good techniques and etiquette from an early age it’ll give them a head start when driving ‘in the real world’. And indeed being well-away from the public roads means your little ones will be taking their first steps in motoring in a controlled and safe environment.

Of course Knockhill is known as being a challenging race track. But there are also lots of properly laid out perimeter roads as well as large tarmac areas. These are all perfect for both simulating road set-ups and giving teenagers the space to build confidence at the wheel.

The kids really appreciate the instructors as well. They’re really good at working out how to motivate each child the sort of encouragement they need and the kind of pace to take their first lesson. As you might expect the cars are all dual-controlled and they are usually something like a Ford Fiesta or Vauxhall Corsa.

These Scottish teen drives consist of three different sessions. Two are spent out on the track driving and one is in the classroom. There’ll also be an commentated instructor-driven demo to cover road safety. To round off the day the kids will be able to let rip out on the go-kart track as a fun finale to a brilliant day out at Knockhill.

The Knockhill teen drive is open to children aged between 13 and 17 years old with the aim of giving them a wee taster of what driving is all about before they can even apply for their provisional licence. Friends and family are more than welcome to head along to this premium Scottish motor sports venue to watch and cheer on the teens. 

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