Teen Land Rover Driving Newcastle

This is teen driving in Newcastle – and it’s in a very special vehicle! If you know a youngster who’s mad about motoring this junior offroading session is brilliant fun because they’ll be at the wheel of a fab Land Rover Defender.

There’s no denying that Land Rovers are cool. Land Rover Defenders in particular are very cool. A classic Landy that has a very special job as an escort vehicle is pretty much the pinnacle of coolness in our book and that’s just what they will be driving on these teen drives in Newcastle.

Affectionately known as ‘Red One’ by this Newcastle team the long wheel base Landy certainly looks the part. Rugged reliable and a real hero of the off road world the much praised Red One has a very special role with this crew. Often seen leading the charge on the public roads Red One escorts the huge low-loaders that are used to transport things like tanks and other heavy military vehicles around.

And we have to say Red One is a proper workhorse Landy just like they were always meant to be. Bright red body work and white top the integrated roof rack complete with yellow lights powerful front winch and huge ‘Escort Vehicle’ panels make it pretty obvious this motor means business. 

Teens will love driving this 4×4. Youngsters will be out on this Newcastle training course for around 20 minutes with an experienced instructor in the front passenger seat to guide them. During that time they will be negotiating the coned out course to see if Red One can be tamed.

The only prerequisites for these junior driving sessions near Newcastle are that youngsters are at least 5ft 2” tall (so they can reach the pedals) and aged between 14 and 18 years old. If they tick those two boxes they’ll be off tackling the track at the heart of this extensive country estate. What’s more there’s a seat available for them to nominate someone to ride along with them. Be a passenger if your dare!

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