The Making Of Harry Potter Studio Tour & Afternoon Tea for Two

Be prepared to magic yourself behind the scenes on the Warner Bros. studio tour at the vast studio complex in Watford to delve right into the heart of the making of Harry Potter! For any HP fans out there this is a must do day out complete with a lovely afternoon tea at a posh hotel included for afterwards.

It’s worth pointing out that these are the actual studio sets built by Warner Bros. and used in the films not just replicas for the public tour. And it really is an enchanting place as you pass through the Great Hall and into the Big Room where you’ll have a nosy in Dumbledore’s office visit the Potion’s Classroom and the Burrow before taking a peak at how using a green screen background makes for spectacular cinematic results.

Moving on to the Backlot you’ll see this immense area of the Warner Bros. lot is used as a kind of studio store room. The tour passes the triple decker Knight Bus Hagrid’s motorbike and gives you a peek at the very suburban Privet Drive. Goblin masks and gruesome prosthetics are up next as you visit the creature effects corner. In the making of Harry Potter over 250 body casts were created and those endless rubbery faces all seem to be looking at you with those beady eyes and pointy ears!

Then comes our favourite Warner Bros. set in the whole studio. Take a tour of Diagon Alley and you’ll appreciate just how intricate all the detailing of the shop fronts is as you wander along the cobbled street. And yes it’s kind of odd when you look up and see there’s no sky just lighting rigs but it is just so realistic.

Your fascinating tour of the world of Warner Bros. studios comes to an end with a walk through the art department where all the very artistic designs and drawings for the sets and costumes are on show. This is followed by a look in the model room where you’ll discover how talented craftsmen and women worked to build a 1:24 scale Hogwart’s castle and the amount of work the Warner Brothers team puts in to building these incredible sets that have helped make Harry Potter the hugely successful cinema franchise it is.

Of course no Warner Brothers studio tour would be complete without a visit to the shop at the end. But beware fans will find it hard to resist all that amazing Harry Potter memorabilia! We think this is the ultimate day out for showing you all the secrets of the making of Harry Potter and don’t forget you’ve got that delicious tea-time to enjoy afterwards too!

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