Top Gun Experience Sussex

Release your inner ‘Maverick’ flying hero with one of our Top Gun experiences in West Sussex! Fly sky-high with the best of them and show the world you’ve got what it takes to become a Top Gun graduate during a real-life plane-on-plane combat flight.

On these thrilling Top Gun experiences your ex-military pilot will show you the ropes and get you up in the air but then it’s down to you to defeat your opponent for the day in a thrilling dogfight in total Top Gun style. You’ll certainly look the part as you’ll be kitted out in full military flying gear. You’ll even be encouraged to choose a call-sign for the day so are you a Maverick or an Iceman? Or a new aviator on the block?

Budding Top Gunners will also meet your opponent for the day – the person you’ll be trying to ‘bring down’ when the action truly begins. And if you opt for the Top Gun experience for two voucher you could be facing off against each other in those mean skies above Goodwood!

Your aerial mission starts off with a pre-flight briefing in the ground school classroom explaining how these agile T67 Firefly military trainer aircraft work. There’ll also be a session on emergency procedures such as deploying your parachute. And as this is likely to be your first aerobatic flying experience the stunts will be discussed in detail.

Then it’s out to the plane itself where your pilot will brief you on the cockpit controls. Finally it’s time to get airborne. What makes these Top Gun flights unique is that both Fireflys will take off at the same time. It’s then immediately into a formation climb and a few practice moves before you break into serious combat mode as you take part in the head to head air combat with the aim of ‘shooting down’ your ‘enemy’. Give chase and try to score a direct hit before returning to base to find out who won the battle of the skies.

All flying sessions end with a debrief where you’ll find out how much G-force you managed to achieve as well as the outcome of your aerial contest. A Top Gun experience gives you everything – the speed the power and the thrill. Aerobatic flying has never been so extreme. For something a little less dramatic why not consider one of our more laid-back flying lessons at venues nationwide?

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