Traditional & Skybow Archery

Double up on the arrows when you try archery in Dartford! There’s plenty to keep amateur archers entertained at this outdoor activity centre at Sutton-at-Hone as not only will you be taking aim at traditional archery you’ll also have a go at Laporte SkyBow archery too!

In case you’re not an archery aficionado let us explain the difference between the traditional and the Laporte version of this target sport offered here at Dartford. The usual archery experience involves a modern recurve bow and a set of arrows that you load (or in archery lingo the word is ‘nock’) and then fire at the multicoloured round targets several metres away.  Once you’ve all fired off a round of arrows and the host has given the signal you can all walk down to your individual target to inspect how well you’ve done.

What makes SkyBow archery different is the fact that it throws movement into the mix. You all line up with your LaPorte bows and arrows but there’s something missing. There are no targets to aim at. Standby with your arrows poised though as suddenly from out of nowhere a fairly large diameter foam disc will come hurtling across the sky and it’s your job to sink an arrow into it.

As the target moves across your line of vision the arrows will fly. If you get a direct hit the foam circle will change trajectory and plunge to the ground. But as you all fired within a split second of each other how will you know who got ‘the hit’? Easy you all have arrows with a unique feather colour combination to you. In fact all arrows have fletching made up of three feathers or vanes one of which (the ‘cock’ feather) is a different colour to other two.

The fact that you get to do both Laporte and traditional archery in Dartford means you get to release your arrows at both static and moving targets testing your aim to the max in the process. These sessions give you half an hour on each activity and of course all the gear you need is provided along with tuition and the all important safety briefing.

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