Treetop Extreme Milton Keynes

At treetop extreme Milton Keynes you’ll be climbing jumping and swinging through the trees! This high-adrenaline tree top adventure course is right by Willen Lake – and it’s not for the faint-hearted!

We are offering a voucher for two of you to enjoy the ‘Extreme’ adventure course at Milton Keynes. This is the hardest of the three levels offered so it’s going to be a tough challenge but you’re made of strong stuff. You’ll need to keep your fears at bay and have a head for heights whilst you tackle this extreme route as it’s a dizzying 10m off the ground. That’s higher than a house!

Before you set off on your extreme adventures in amongst the trees there’ll be a welcome safety talk and briefing. You’ll then be fitted with a harness and shown how to use the belay system. What’s really clever at this Milton Keynes location is that it is a continuous line so there’s no un-clipping and re-fastening with each module you just keep sliding the karabiner along with you making it super fluid easy and safe.

The route starts as it means to go on with a feisty 10m climbing wall to the main tree top platform. This is where the routes start from. You’ll be heading off on the most extreme of them all but before you go take a moment to take in the view from here. You can see the lakes really well from where you’re standing.

So on you go. There’ll be wobbly wires tricky nets to tackle and logs to leap onto all of which will involve climbing scrambling and swinging. You’ll be moving across bridges along platforms and whizzing along zip wires as you go all the way round until you reach that start platform again.

From here the only way is down but you won’t be doing anything as simple as climbing down you’ll be freefall jumping from 13m. It’s a real achievement to complete this treetop extreme course in Milton Keynes and with a bit of support and encouragement from the staff if you need it we’re sure you’ll make it to the big jump at the end!

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