Trial Lessons at Nottingham Airport

Soar over the city skies on these helicopter lessons out of Nottingham Airport! Tollerton’s airport is tucked away behind the Nottinghamshire village of the same name. It’s a well established airfield with everything the general aviator needs to get flying including grass and tarmac runways as well as hangarage facilities. For these helicopter lessons in particular there are three H spot landing pads.

The team here at Nottingham Airport is made up of a trio of passionate experienced and dedicated pilots who love their rotary flying. The have many many hours of flying amongst them and love nothing more than to give first-time chopper riders their inaugural taste of heli flying. It’s quite unlike any other form of flying out there as you’ll find out on your lesson!

This Tollerton-based operator has a comprehensive fleet of helicopters with three dedicated to training flights and trial lessons in particular. The compact two-seater Robinson R22 is probably the best known of choppers and is the world’s most popular training helicopter. Then there’s the Guimbal Cabri G2. This modern training heli has a slightly larger design with room for baggage. The cruise speed range and endurance are all slightly improved on the Cabri over the R22 too. The R44 is the four seater training helicopter of choice with the roomiest cockpit fastest cruise speed and longest range out of this trio of helicopters.

Depending on the duration of your helicopter lesson you’ll be exploring the East Midlands to the limits of the Leicestershire/Nottinghamshire border. Fro your unique vantage point you’ll look down on all that classic English countryside interspersed with towns and villages roads and dual carriageways lined with cars and trucks.

No traffic worries for you though as you’ll be riding high in the sky on your helicopter lesson out of Nottingham Airport. And yes it is treated as a proper lesson so prepare yourself for taking control and actually flying the heli by yourself (under constant guidance of course!).

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