UK Weekend Bootcamp

Discover how workout exercise and nutrition combine on this residential bootcamp weekend to set you on the path to a new healthier lifestyle! This boot camp just for girls has been designed to be fun with the aim of giving you everything you need to be able to continue in a manageable fitness regime for weight loss and general well-being.

We’ve all done it haven’t we? You know how it goes. You decide it’s time to get fit and join a gym but now your membership card hasn’t seen the light of day for months. You invested in an indoor cycling machine and now it’s being used as something to hang your clothes on. The idea of these bootcamp holidays is that they give you the motivation to start the regime and more importantly to continue with it. That’s also why these weekend boot camp packages include ‘aftercare’ whereby you can receive email support for a month after you’ve returned from bootcamp.

So what can you expect on this fitness and weight-loss bootcamp? Well the first thing to tell you is that it is not a military-style bootcamp so there will definitely be no shouting. This team of fitness instructors is all about encouraging you building your confidence and installing a sense of positive mental attitude which will help you succeed with your fitness goals.

These boot camps take place over weekends at various UK locations and as they are residential the deals include one nights’ accommodation your meals and snacks too. The programmes run from 09:00 on the Saturday morning to 13:30 on Sunday afternoon and although the timetable is certainly well-filled there is still time for chats workshops and relaxation too.

You will be encouraged to participate in a series of training and exercise sessions including Body Blast Box Fit Zumba Abs and Legs Bums & Tums as well as Pilates and Yoga classes. There will be breaks in between when healthy snacks and drinks are provided for you. Lunch time on these bootcamp weekends is kept light and there’ll be a nutritional workshop too. Dinner in the evening with your fellow boot campers is a sociable affair with a well-balanced menu.

By the end of your residential bootcamp weekend you will have met some fabulous new friends no doubt done more exercise than you have done in ages but enjoyed it more than you could ever have imagined. What’s more you’ll have learned a lot about how exercise and nutrition with the correct mind-set can lead you to live a continued healthy lifestyle.

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