Ultimate Extra 330 Aerobatics Experience

Introducing the Extra 330 – aerobatics in the extreme! This amazing little plane resides at White Waltham Airfield in Berkshire and is on standby to take you on the most incredible flight filled with aerial stunts. Have you got the bottle to fly high in the Extra 330?

White Waltham is home to the long-standing West London Aero Club and British Aerobatics. This airfield has flying in its blood going way back to when the de Havilland family set up their flight training school in 1935. Still today there’s a real buzz about the place. There’s a passion for flight – and in particular aerobatics – that makes a visit to White Waltham an exciting prospect.

One thing that really stands out is the pilot team. With many many flying hours amongst them the skill-set is pretty incredible. Your instructors are champion aerobatics pilots long-established flying display pilots and even formation flying specialists all of whom will be only too pleased to show you the ropes!

And indeed you’ve got the perfect plane in the Extra 330LX. This Lycoming-powered low-wing aircraft is the best in class for aerobatics and has even been officially rated ‘ultimate’. Capable of +/-10G it’s an impressively agile aeroplane indeed. No wonder they are such crowd-pleasers at airshows around the world.

A big advantage of the tandem-configured Extra 330 is that it is of course dual-controlled so you’ll be sitting in front of your own set of controls. If you’re up for it your pilot instructor might well invite you to take those controls mid-flight to have a go at flying the aerobatic Extra 330 yourself. Thrilling stuff!

As for the moves your pilot will be demonstrating they’ll be as gentle or as extreme as you dare. If you can stomach it your pilot might execute a short sequence of aerobatic figures just like you’d see at an air show but this time you are the show! We are offering both 20 and 30-minute Extra 330 aerobatics flights out of White Waltham filled with spins and loops galore.

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