Ultimate Powerboat Day

The Ultimate Powerboating Day – drive three of the world’s most impressive speed boats in one day from their base in Southampton in Hampshire. The full day experience takes place on Southampton Water and the open waters of the Solent setting off from the city’s Shamrock Quay marina.

The vessels in the line-up for the day are a racer the Honda Formula 4-Stroke (HF4S) championship powerboat the incredible jet-propelled 450hp Jet Viper and the powerful Thundercat catamaran.

Fancy skating over the water at high speed in an inflatable boat? There’s nothing fragile about the Thundercat. She’s a finely-tuned high-performance catamaran that’s easy to drive and takes corners at a pace that’ll have your eyes widening at the awe of it all.

Then there’s the Jet Viper. Adrenaline junkies will love the wake jumping spins and side slides as the vessel is put through its paces by the pilot. This speed-machine has the latest waterjet propulsion – no propeller – which makes for amazing agility fast stops and starts and capable of manoeuvres that are impossible for a conventional boat of this size. This part of the day will be a thrill ride for up to 12 people plus the pilot.

Last but not least the Honda racing powerboat. A real offshore competitor that you might have seen racing on the TV this is seriously rapid and you’ll find as you go bouncing over the waves that you won’t be able to see over the bow as it lifts up so high out of the water. Hold on tight on this one it’s like being in a proper boating race.


The best thing about this day in Hampshire is that not only do you get to enjoy a high thrills demo ride in each of the boats you also get plenty of time to actually do some driving too if you fancy taking the reins. By the end of your day at sea you’ll be addicted to powerboating!


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