Under 17 Motorsport Academy Drive & Licence

Welcome to the Under 17 Motorsport Academy! On this experience youngsters are able to have a go at driving an MX-5 in a safe controlled environment. It’s all about building up confidence in a relaxed and fun way away from the public roads to give your kids a head start in motoring.

These sessions are open to children aged between 11 and 16 years old with a minimum height of 4ft 8” (so they can reach the pedals). The car used for these under 17 experiences is a bit of a legend in motorsport circles: the MX-5.

This little Japanese two-seater is a sporty number with both soft tops and coupés available. They are particularly lively on the track and there have been many motorsport race series featuring the MX-5. These models are all dual-controlled so both student and instructor have the power to control this nippy motor.

The programme for the session includes a short welcome and briefing before heading out into the awaiting car. Under the guidance of the highly-skilled instructor the kids will be encouraged to get to grips with this MX-5 on the dedicated academy training area. After practicing the teens will be encouraged to execute a few moves to show off their skills.

Accompanying Mums and Dads are welcome to watch from the pit-lane and we’re sure you will be bursting with pride as your little one gets the Mazda moving smoothly around the arena. A quick debrief from the instructor and hopefully your teenager will be awarded their Under 17 Motorsport Academy Licence! Sign up your child and see them make their first moves in motoring.

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