Under 17s MX-5 Drive

Kids. Fun. Drive – the three key ingredients for this experience! Specially aimed at youngsters from the age of 11 to 16 years your little darlings will have their first taste of driving at the wheel of a funky little Mazda MX-5 around a circuit in Hertfordshire. How cool is that?

Naturally the kids booking in for this course won’t have a driving licence and maybe not even a provisional one but that’s the whole point with these drives. They are specifically designed to be a fun and educational way of giving teens a head start in the world of motoring. And with the MX-5 being dual controlled your miniature petrol heads will be in safety at all times.

A professional instructor will be hosting the session and they’ll be sitting up front ready to intervene on the controls when necessary. All experiences start off with getting to grips with the basic moves of driving. That includes steering the car and braking clutch control and then moving off to being aware of what the road ahead could hold.

Of course the kids will be on the track rather than out driving on the public roads so all the things like traffic lights other road users and pedestrians are taken out of the equation. Having said that these lessons are still very realistic and it’s not just about whizzing around the track they are carefully planned to educate and inform too as well as being great fun.

Those children on the Fun Drive will spend around 60 minutes at the wheel of the MX-5 whilst those on the Kids Fun Drive Advanced will double their time enjoying two hours of Mazda motoring fun. If the youngsters really get the hang of it they might start doing some more advanced manoeuvres and reach speeds of around 40mph (and if you remember what it was like the first time you got into fourth gear you’ll know that feels like warp speed!).

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