Westfield Driving Experience

On this thrilling Westfield experience you’ll be taking one nippy little sports roadster and driving it around a track! These Westfield driving experience days take place at various circuit venues so take your pick and get ready to take a Westfield Sport for a spin.

The Westfield is a true pocket rocket. It has the distinct advantage of being light. Very light in fact. Given their tubular space frame technology and glass fibre body they weight in at well under 600kg. This is nothing for a car and the reason why the Westfields drive so well.

Originally a personal project by Chris Smith he built his bespoke car in the garage of his home called Westfield House. The car gave more than a nod to Colin Chapman’s Lotus Seven design and everyone who saw Chris’s car loved it so he started building them for other people. Now it’s a well-established sports car company that’s 100% British-owned under the Potenza Sports Cars brand making over 400 hand-built cars every year.

For these Westfield experience days you’ll be driving a Westfield Sport. But this session isn’t just about the driving it’s about trying to tame this fierce little bundle of acceleration that makes it like no other performance car out there. Get it right and you’ll have the car entering and exiting the corners at the perfect speed on the perfect trajectory. And we have to admit when you do get it right it’s an awesome feeling!

Helping you hit the sweet spot in the Westfield will be the Lead Driving Consultant who’ll be conducting the pre-drive briefing. They’ll explain what driving the Westfield is like what the car is like your racing lines and what happens out on the circuit.

That’s the track-side theory done now it’s time to head to the track and put practice in motion. Race suit and helmet on jump in to the compact cockpit of the curvy Westfield Sport harness up and get ready to feel the power. And being just inches from the ground you will definitely be feeling every burst of acceleration.

The unparalleled performance of the Westfield is matched by quick and composed handling. You’ll need to have your wits about you to get this roadster lapping at a decent pace. But there’s no doubting you won’t forget your Westfield experience. Just such good proper grass-roots driving fun.

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