Wet and Wild Powerboat Day

Experience not one but two high-speed boats on this Wet and Wild Powerboat Adventure day in Southampton!

During your first mission it’ll be you at the wheel of a thrilling powerboat. A fully qualified skipper will be on hand to give you all the training you need to take a powerful Honda racing speedboat around the offshore race circuit. We’re talking amazing cornering speeds getting the boat’s hull out of the water flying above the waves and generally having it large on the water. And yes you’ll be allowed to drive this boat like you stole it!

After all that adrenaline it’s time for a break in the marina cafe before you meet your next vessel – a 450bhp Jet Viper. This is a proper racing boat that’s easily the fastest craft out on the waves. It’s all about harnessing that power to literally skim across the water at a rate of knots that feels pretty much close to vertical take off speed.

It’s so gnarly that you’ll be dressed in proper jet boat racing gear for your passenger ride. You can pretty much guarantee there will be plenty of that ‘wind in your hair’ stuff going on along with lots of splashing from the wake the boat creates as your expert driver pulls doughnuts crash stops side slides and even spins.

Of course the waterways have speed limits in the harbour areas so as you leave Southampton’s Shamrock Quay marina (past the admiring glances) you’ll be at a leisurely pace until you reach the open waters of the Solent. Now here’s the moment your skipper will open up the throttle and give his boating beauty a real blast.

Just to recap on this Wet and Wild Powerboat Adventure you will first get to have a go skippering a full-spec Honda racing powerboat (including a few runs round the buoys on the race course) before your second outing as a passenger on the impressive Jet Viper. We think this is a great day out on the water!

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