White Water Hot Dogs for Two

Ride on (and even under) the waves when you go white water Hot Dogging! These inflatable kayaks take paddle sports to another level. It’s an all-action water sport where you will get wet so it’s not for the fainthearted but try it and we think you’ll love a little bit of white water kayaking craziness.

The Hot Dog. It’s a lightweight but very durable inflatable boat. They’re large enough for two people in a tandem configuration. You sit down on your bum inside with your legs stretched out in front of you. In your hands you’ll have a one-bladed paddle. You then launch yourself down a series of white water rapids and try to make it to the end without taking a tumble.

It’s fast furious and filled with funny moments from start to finish. And try as you might to be co-ordinated with your hog dog colleague it just ain’t happening. And that’s exactly why Hot Dogging is so much fun. It’s a bit like having your very own Hawaii 5-0 moment gone haywire as you furiously paddle but in essence the force of the water will take you where it wants you to go and not the other way round!

Of course before you launch your inflatable kayaks there will be an on-shore safety briefing talk. You’ll then head into the lake area with your wetsuit and buoyancy aid on to have a little swim test in order to make sure you’re confident enough in the water. Then it’s time for you to take on the white waters as a duo in your hot dog. Get ready to paddle like mad and go for it!

And shhhh…don’t tell anyone we told you but there’s a good chance you’ll be shown a neat little ‘surfing’ technique too which is sure to lead to even more laughter. Most pairs end up at the bottom of the course in the cool down pool with huge cheesy grins on their faces and everyone wants to go round again for more white water Hot Dogging!

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