White Water Kayaking for Two Nottingham

There’s kayaking in Nottingham – and then there’s white water kayaking in Nottingham! Adding in the extra thrill-factor of the rapids makes these kayaking sessions all the more adrenaline-filled. The drench factor is right up there so be prepared for a soaking!

These vouchers are for two people to kayak together at this Nottingham centre. Your session takes place at Holme Pierrepont the lovely country park that’s home to this National Water Sports Centre. If you know the area you’ll know just how lovely it is. If you don’t then these kayaking experiences are one of the best ways to get to know this vibrant place!

So as well as being a vast country park with everything from walking and cycle paths to play parks swim lakes and mini golf there are the man-made rapids. It’s a purpose-built section of water where the flow is fully controllable so different grades of white water can easily be created. And it’s pretty amazing.

The two of you will be sharing a kayak. These are special rigid inflatable kayaks ready to ride those swirling waters of Nottingham’s finest kayak run. You sit down with your legs outstretched leaning against the backrest. One of you goes shotgun with the other sitting behind in a tandem formation. And there’s no arguing about who goes up front as you will be doing multiple runs so you can take it in turns.

Of course it’s not just a case of turning up to this Nottingham centre hopping in a kayak and flinging yourselves down the wild white waters. All paddlers will have an on-shore briefing which includes paddle technique and what to expect when you’re out on the rapids. After being kitted out with the paddle helmet and buoyancy aid it’s time to make your way to start of the course…

We’d be lying if we said you’ll be feeling as cool as a cucumber at this point. It’s heart-pounding stuff when you first launch. Will we stay upright? Will we get a soaking within seconds? Once you’ve triumphantly made it down to the bottom you’ll so be wanting to do it all over again. Perhaps just as well then that when you go kayaking at this Nottingham centre you’ve got plenty of time to ride the white water course over and over again!

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