Wing Walking Kent

It’s going to be a proper barnstormer of an experience when you go wing walking in Kent! You will be learning the art of walking on the wing at Headcorn Aerodrome one of the busiest general aviation airfields in the south east. This is brilliant bucket list stuff right in the middle of the Garden of England.

Headcorn formerly known as RAF Lashenden is a fabulous place. It’s a hub for all things entertainment and aerial from parachutists and vintage pleasure flights to this the chance to scare yourself silly by doing a wing walk. You will be standing on the top wing of a Boeing Stearman biplane whilst flying at speeds of up to 120mph over the Kentish countryside.

Of course it’s not just a case of turn up and go. The ground crew team conducts a thorough briefing where everything is explained to you and where you’ll be shown how to climb into and out of the harness on the plane. You’ll need to be fairly agile for this as it does require you to climb up onto the top wing of the plane.

Once you’re up there it’s going to feel pretty mad. It’s not every day you find yourself standing attached to a biplane gazing out at the runway and beyond. As anticipation grows it’s time to be brave and get ready for that once in a lifetime moment. Now the Stearman is gathering speed…and suddenly you’re airborne. And that means you are wing walking!

As you swoop over the Kent countryside don’t forget your invited friends and family who are all gathered on the ground at Headcorn’s viewing area. Give them a wave shout a bit grin like a Cheshire cat. Show them you are having the time of your life up there! In reality any movement is pretty tricky due to the wind pressure but we’re sure you’ll be giving it a go anyway.

It’s that kind of experience. The one where you kind of dare yourself to do it and yet can’t quite believe you agreed to it. Going wing walking in Kent is a totally epic thing to do and all the team at Headcorn will be encouraging you every step of the way to conquer the wing of the Stearman.

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