Wing Walking Shaftesbury

Climb onboard a Stearman and go wing walking at Compton Abbas aerodrome! Some would say you’d have to be mad to pay to stand on the wing of a moving aircraft. Indeed we sell perfectly enjoyable experiences where you can sit in a nice comfy seat inside the cockpit and enjoy the Wiltshire views that way. But for reasons only known to would-be wing walkers you seem to love taking the far more daredevil option of being strapped onto the top wing instead!

Even facing the full-force of the elements doesn’t put you off. Having your jowls wobbled mercilessly as you swoop around the sky doesn’t seem to bother you. Neither does the fact that you could be diving at angles of around 35 degrees to do flypasts. And you’re certainly not fussed about there being a whole crowd of people watching the entire aerial spectacle above Compton Abbas airfield as it happens.

Wing walking with this team one of the few UK fully CAA approved operators of wing walk flights for the general public and for sponsored wing walks is only available through IntotheBlue.

Just a couple of miles from Shaftesbury Compton Abbas is unique in that it is one of the highest airfields in the country. Even before you get off the ground you’re 810ft on top of a hill in the heart of Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Spectacular views are therefore guaranteed for your wing walking out of Compton Abbas making this experience all the more breathtaking.

We doubt you’ll have much time for taking in the views of scarp slopes of Blackmore Vale or the chalk formations of the Salisbury Plain as you wing walk but if you do look around you’ll agree it’s a super backdrop for such a crazy aerial activity. Instead you’ll probably be much more interested in trying to combat all that fast-moving air (you can reach speeds of 120mph) making huge waving gestures to your friends and family who have come to spectate and cheer you on as you conquer wing walking at Compton Abbas. Enjoy!

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Wing Walking Shaftesbury
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